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March, April and May

17th March

Just got back from seeing Unknown Pleasures in Barnsfield.  God, that band are awesome!  I drove down with Spyder and met up with Simon and the others at the pub.  It's so much fun when we all get together!  Oh yeah, NEWSFLASH!  Simon was with a GIRL!  I think everyone was as surprised as I was when we walked in and saw them standing there at the bar.  I wasn't the only one who thought he might be a closet gay but no, he actually has a GIRLFRIEND!  Her name is Angel and she is really pretty.  She seemed a bit shy, she said it was the first time she'd been to a gig but she looked like she really enjoyed the band.  Well, what's not to like about Unknown Pleasures?  They RAWK!

I am loving my life so much at the moment.  Working at the shop is great and things with Spyder are wonderful!  He's so different  to my other boyfriends, he doesn't just want to get drunk and fuck all the time, although we do have a lot of sex, but that's different too.

My parents have been really cool about him.  They let me sleep over at his house and they even let him stay over in my room, although that is kind of weird, sleeping with Spyder when they are in the house.

I'm on my own tonight though,  I've got to get up early to open up the shop tomorrow and Spyder has to get his pictures ready for the gallery.  Yeah, my dad sorted everything and come Monday his photographs of me will be on sale at the Ashley Gallery in Bradford.  It's kind of scary, so many people will be looking at me naked, but I'm so proud of Spyder, it's a dream come true for him.  Anyway, it's gone 1 o'clock so I'd best get  my beauty sleep.  Night night!

1st April

Yesterday was so brilliant!  We went to see Unknown Pleasures play at The Swan and they were awesome as usual.  Spyder told me that Simon and Angel were crashing at his place but I'd totally forgotten about it until they came in my shop. 

It was good to see Simon looking so happy.  He'd brought Angel in to get her some new clothes.  She looked so shy and nervous but I sorted her out with a dress, boots and accessories.  She looked amazing!  There was something that didn't quite fit though.  Her mousy brown hair just didn't go.  Me and Simon both had the same idea.  Purple!  She would look gorgeous with purple hair! I packed everything up and said I'd go around to Spyder's and dye her hair before the gig.  She looked apprehensive but I knew she'd look fantastic and I told her the dye would wash out.  Simon was so wrapped up in her so I said I'd do my best to make her look gorgeous.

I went around to Spyder's after work with my makeup box.  I took Angel up to the bathroom and started to dye her hair.  She's really nice.  We chatted while the dye took.  Angel told me how she met Simon.  He kissed her outside the head teacher's office at school and then he ran off with her back to his house!  He certainly knows how to sweep a girl off her feet! 

Angel's face was a picture when we rinsed the dye off.  It was bright purple and looked amazing.  She dried and straightened her hair while I got ready and then I helped her with her makeup.  She looked cracking.  Simon and Spyder cheered when she came down the stairs.  She was like a different person, so full of confidence, not like the shy school girl who walked into my shop this afternoon.

We got the bus into town but arrived a bit early for the gig so we went for a drink in the pub around the corner.  As we walked past the venue we bumped into Miles from Unknown Pleasures.  I was gobsmacked when Miles said hello to Angel!  She'd met him at the gig in Barnsfield, but she didn't know he was in the band until he came out on stage. 

I teased her about it at the pub.  I also told her to watch out for Cassandra.  She'd had a go at me for just saying hello to Miles!  My warning came a little too late though.  Simon and Spyder went off to dance at the gig leaving me and Angel at the bar, when Cassandra came over and had a right go at her.  She'd seen Miles talking to her earlier and she warned her off him.   Angel was really shook up, but Simon came back and she snogged him right in front of Cassandra, just to prove she wasn't interested in stealing her boyfriend. 

The gig didn't finish until late so we got a cab back to the house.  The party had already started.  I was quite surprised to see Miles there.  I was a little less shy of talking to him this time but I made sure I was with Spyder at the time.  I saw him talking to Angel on the stairs.  If I didn't know better I'd say he had a crush on her.  I don't blame him one little bit, Angel look stunning in her new clothes, purple hair and makeup, but I could tell she was totally in love with Simon.

It was gone four in the morning by the time me and Spyder got to bed.  I was knackered and we just fell asleep holding each other.  I was woken up the next morning by the sound of screams coming from the bathroom.  It must have been Angel because I heard Simon call her name.  She'd tried to wash the dye out of her hair but it didn't work and it was still really bright purple.  I felt so guilty 'cos I'd told her it would wash out.  It was still very purple when her and Simon left to get the train home.  I hope she got it sorted out in time for School on Monday.  I never meant to get her into trouble, she's really nice.  I can see me and her becoming good friends.

1st May

I think I'm going to change my name to Lora Queen-of-fuck-ups Johnson.  I can't be trusted with anything and I am so mad at myself.  A couple of weeks ago I stayed over at Spyders.  We'd got a bit drunk and ended up in bed.  I grabbed a condom from my bag but it was one of those cheap nasty ones from the machine at the pub, and guess what?  It broke.  Spyder was a bit cross about it, I don't think it had ever happened to him before.  I told him not to worry and I'd sort it.

The next day was pretty shit.  I was hung over, I was late opening the shop, the delivery came but everything on it was wrong.  It was just one of those days where nothing goes right.  I was going to get the morning after pill at lunch time but I completely forgot.  Yeah, I know I'm an idiot!  I got home from work tonight and realised my period is two days late.  I don't know what to do!  I can't tell Spyder, I promised him I'd sort it and I didn't.  I know I'll have to do a pregnancy test, I still have two from the last time but I can't remember where I put them.  I'm going to have to turn my room upside down and hope they turn up so I can do a test in the morning.  I am so scared, I love Spyder but I don't want to be pregnant right now.

2nd May

Good news, I'm not pregnant!  I found the pregnancy tests, I'd hidden them at the bottom of my sock drawer.  Yeah, go figure!  I got up really early and did the test and it came up negative, thank fuck for that!  I hadn't slept a wink all night so I went back to bed.  I must have forgotten to set my alarm because my mum woke me up at half past eight asking if I was sick or something.  I was late for work!  I went out to find I'd got a flat tyre on my car so I had to get the bus in, which made me even more late, then I accidentally short changed my first customer.  I was so embarrassed, I just wanted to go home and crawl back into bed.

I stuck it out until four o'clock but I was knackered and in such a bad mood I closed up the shop and went home.  I got back to find mum sat in the kitchen with a worried look on her face.  She said she wanted a word with me.  I sat down and mum asked me if I was pregnant.  My jaw nearly hit the table!  I said no way!  Then mum put the pregnancy test box on the table.  she said she found it in the bathroom this morning.  Shit!  I meant to put it in the wheelie bin outside but I must have forgotten.  This day was just getting worse! 

I couldn't help it, I burst into tears and my mum came and gave me a hug.  When I'd calmed down a bit we talked about things.  She asked me if I was trying to get pregnant and I said no.  I explained how the condom broke and I was going to get the morning after pill but I forgot.  She was glad I didn't take it, she didn't like hormonal contraception because it messed up the body's natural balance.   I didn't tell her I'd taken it before and been fine, more or less.

Mum gave me a lecture about alternative and natural methods of contraception, but I didn't want to take my chances with that.  I had a hard enough time remembering when my period was due never mind charting dates and everything.  We talked about Spyder and how I felt about him.  I told mum he was really special and that I loved him very much.  She said she could tell. 

She asked if Spyder knew about the pregnancy test and I said no.  She said maybe I should tell him.  If we wanted a sexual relationship but not children then we'd need to figure out something better than condoms.  I was surprised when she suggested that the pill might be an option for me.  I knew how she felt about it but she also knew me and her were different and she just wanted what was best for me.

I thought about what she said and she was right, I had to tell Spyder about it.  I went to the loo and guess what?  My period had started!  Bloody typical!  I came out of the bathroom to find Spyder standing in the hallway.  He'd gone around to the shop but it was closed and he was worried about me.  He'd tried to call but my phone had gone flat.  I just stood there and burst into tears again. 

Spyder must have through I'd gone crazy!  He gave me a hug and asked what was wrong.  I took him up to my bedroom and told him everything.  He just held me while I poured my heart out.  He was a bit shocked that I could have been pregnant but he was pleased I'd been honest with him.  Not once did he say I was stupid or silly or anything.  He agreed with my mum that it might be best if I went on the pill, he even said he'd go to the clinic with me.  He was just brilliant!  I felt a right idiot for messing up and getting so upset but Spyder said it was OK.  I think he's used to me being a bit flaky by now.  In some ways we are complete opposites, but they say opposites attract, and boy am I attracted him!  LORA N SPYDER 4 EVA!

14th May

It's me and Spyder's three month anniversary today!  I can't believe we've been together three months.  I feel like we've always been together.  Things are so good.  We've been more honest with each other since my pregnancy scare and we're getting really serious about each other.  We see each other almost every day and I almost spend more time at his place than I do at home.  I kind of hinted about moving in with him, but he wouldn't commit to anything.  He's really not big on commitment, even though he says he loves me.  He said he couldn't see himself being with anyone else but me.  How sweet is that? 

Spyder is a very private person and it's hard to tell what he's thinking sometimes, but he's good at showing his love for me!  Hehehe!  We went to the clinic together to get some advice on contraception.  Spyder said he'd be happy with whatever I wanted to do.  He said there's no way he wanted to have kids any time soon.  He's 22 so I can understand that. 

It made me think though.  I don't want to have a baby right now, but maybe in a few years time it would be good.  I'd love to have a baby with Spyder one day.  I think he'd make a really good dad.  He's calm, patient and so loving, and a million times better than Adam!   It actually made me feel ill when I realised that I could be 5 months pregnant with his baby right now.  What the fuck did I think I was doing with him?  At least I figured out the error of my ways and dumped him. 

I'm so lucky to have Spyder.  Everything is better when he's around.  I'm happy at home, I'm happy at work and I'm very happy in bed with him :)  Anyway, mum and dad are going out tonight so I've invited Spyder over and I'm going to cook for him, well, frozen lasagne and garlic bread.  I think even I can manage to get that right!

15th May

Spyder is full of surprises!  Last night we did more than celebrate our three month anniversary.  Spyder turned up with a bottle of champagne!  I asked what it was for and he said he got the cheque from the gallery this morning.  My very clever boyfriend has sold all the photographs he took of me!  I don't think I've ever seen him so happy!  Well not with his clothes on anyway...

We had another thing to celebrate too.  I didn't burn the dinner!  It was a really great night.  Good food, good wine and champagne.  I could get used to that.  I think it must have been the bubbles but it went straight to my head.  Spyder was in a naughty mood so we quickly cleared the table and he chased me up to the bedroom.  He said I was his lucky charm and he wouldn't have had his big break if it wasn't for my beautiful body.  He was all too keen to show me how beautiful it was as he slowly peeled my clothes off and kissed me, EVERYWHERE!

There was no time for photographs, just kissing and cuddling and sex, twice!  I fell asleep all cuddled up to Spyder.  He was supposed to be going home but he fell asleep too and the next thing I know it's half seven in the morning and my alarm is going off!

My mum was a bit surprised to see Spyder at the breakfast table.  I explained we'd fallen asleep listening to music last night, but she'd seen the empty bottles in the recycling and figured out what really happened.  She wasn't mad but she did have a word with me later about letting her know when Spyder was staying over.  Mum has a habit of walking around the house naked first thing in the morning so I agreed to leaving a note on the fridge when Spyder was here, just to avoid any embarrassment.

Mum had one of those misty eyed moments.  She was wittering on about how I was growing up too fast and soon she'd have an empty nest.  She said she could see me and Spyder setting up on our own in the not too distant future.  I didn't tell her I'd already hinted at Spyder about moving in but he always changed the subject.  I think he is afraid I'll bring chaos to his obsessively tidy room.  He's probably right!  Perhaps if I tried to keep my room tidy he won't think I'd be impossible to live with?  It would be hard, but it would be worth it to wake up with Spyder every morning.

30th May

I got the shock of my life tonight.  I still can't quite believe it.  I'd just got in from work when Simon phoned me.  I hadn't seen him in ages, he's not been out much because Angel is doing her exams.  He asked me if I was busy on 1st July.  I said I'd got nothing in my diary and I asked why.  Simon said he'd like to invite me and Spyder up to Scotland.  I asked if it was for a gig or something and he said no, it was for his wedding.  I was like WTF???  I asked who he was marrying and he said Angel of course and he laughed at me.  Yeah, I know, I'm an idiot!

Simon told me he'd made all the arrangements, he'd booked the chapel and the hotel and he wondered if me and Spyder would like to be witnesses.  I said I'd have to speak with Spyder first but Simon said he'd just phoned him and he already said yes.  Simon had asked him to take some photographs, he knew Spyder was good because he'd seen his gig photos and the exhibition at the gallery in Bradford.  I blushed and wondered if Simon realised those pictures were of me?

Simon carried on telling me about the arrangements.  He said he'd pay for our train tickets, guest house and everything  so we wouldn't have to worry about the expense.  I was speechless!  He had every little detail covered.  Of course I said yes, I'd be honoured to be their witness.  Simon sounded so pleased but he asked me not to say anything to Angel because it was going to be a surprise.

I couldn't believe it!  Angel and Simon were getting married!  They are so young,  Angel is 16 and Simon is 17.  I guess that's why they're going to Scotland.  I shouldn't really have been surprised, they were totally made for each other.  Simon worships the ground she walks on and I can tell by the way Angel looks at him that they have something special going on.  But getting married?  Wow!  Then I wondered if it was a shotgun wedding.  They hadn't been together that long and Simon was always very proper and correct about things.  Whatever the reason, it was all so perfectly romantic.

I phoned Spyder up straight away and he said that Simon had called and he'd agreed to do the photographs.  He said he couldn't say no when Simon offered him a grand to do it.  A thousand pounds just to take a few photographs!  I said Simon must have more money than sense, but Spyder got a bit cross at me for that.  He said it was about the going rate and that price included all the prints, his time and everything. 

Spyder told me how much some of his camera equipment cost.  I was shocked, but it made me realise why he was so precious about it all now.  It was his career though and he was bloody good at it.  That made me think about my career.  Ben would want his shop back when he came home from his travels.  I wondered if he would keep me on but the shop didn't really do enough trade to support both of us.  I didn't really want to think about that right now though, life was good and my friends were getting married :D

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